The Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ridgeback - Charlee - Female - Fixed.jpg

The Rhodesian Ridgeback represents a strong, muscular and active hound, symmetrical and balanced in outline. A mature Ridgeback is a handsome, upstanding and athletic dog, capable

of great endurance with a fair amount of speed.


Of even, dignified temperament, the Ridgeback is devoted and affectionate to his master, reserved

with strangers. The peculiarity of this breed is the ridge on the back. The ridge must be regarded as the characteristic feature of the breed.

They require positive, reward-based training,

good socialization and consistency; they are often not the best choice for inexperienced dog owners. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are strong-willed and confident dogs. They are protective of their owners and families; if trained well, they can be excellent guard dogs.

Despite Rhodesian Ridgebacks being extremely athletic and sometimes imposing, they do have a sensitive side. They do not respond well to rough treatment. The Rhodesian Ridgeback accepts correction as long as it is fair and justified, and

comes from someone the dog knows and trusts.

Redbone Coonhound

Redbone - Timon - Male - Fixed.jpg

The Redbone is a great companion and is very versatile

in all terrains and venues. From a great hunting dog of various game to a search and rescue dog today’s

Redbone is most of all a great family dog; very loving

and loyal. Redbones possess a no-quit attitude and most are easy keepers. They also possess qualities that make them a decent watchdog although most will not guard as they are friendly in nature. Extremely adaptable, they can compete in coonhound events, agility, obedience, tracking, rally and conformation shows.


At home, Redbones are good with children and most other pets. Being a hunting breed they will chase cats, small dogs and other small animals as it is in their makeup to give chase.  Most are amenable to obedience training and are eager to please; some can be stubborn and require firm but kind training as young dogs. They are friendly and loyal and have a talent for providing comic relief.  Redbones are creative thinkers and have a look of innocence when caught doing something they shouldn't.   To those who love the breed, the Redbone

has a sweet, musical voice, but it carries.  Unless you live about five miles from your nearest neighbors, they will hear your Redbone when he gets excited about a new scent.


The Redbone has athletic ability to spare and his exercise needs are met with a couple of daily long walks or runs. A Redbone needs plenty of companionship and activity to be happy.  He can learn anything you want to teach him.  All it takes is the willingness and desire to utilize the capability of this amazing dog.

Redbones have a noble look that is hard to resist.  Generations of dog lovers have been drawn to this beautiful, tenderhearted hound by the Wilson Rawls

novel “Where the Red Fern Grows”. Rawls story depicts the affinity Redbones have for kids,

and the almost mystical bond that can develop between Redbones and owners of all ages.

Beyond regular weekly grooming; nail trimming,

ear cleaning, and teeth brushing, the occasional

bath will keep them clean and looking their best. 

A quality diet and exercise can help ensure a long

happy life.

Like all breeds, there may be some health issues. 

It is best to check with your breeder to understand the health clearances suggested for the Redbone Coonhound.  Some dogs may be faced with health challenges in their lives, but most Redbones are healthy dogs.